5-Year Water Softener Warranty

Using Rheem’s Water Softener Cleaner ensures your system continues to provide soft water throughout your home for years to come. With regular use of this cleaner, you can extend your 1-year Rheem Water Softener warranty to up to five years.

After you complete your product registration and save your original receipt, you will receive email reminders to use your Rheem Water Softener Cleaner in regular intervals so your system will stay free of hard water buildup, iron and other contaminants that could impact its performance. In addition to the receipt for the purchase of your system, you will also need to keep your cleaner receipts if you need to make a warranty claim. These provide proof that you have maintained your water softener unit in regular intervals.

Keep Your System at Peak Performance

Add Rheem’s Water Softener Cleaner every four months to ensure your system stays healthy and free of hard water buildup that could shorten its lifespan and cost you more money in repairs or replacement fees. This cleaner is ready to use upon purchase and is compatible with any brand of water softener.

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