Hard Water Impact Guide

Explore this interactive hard water guide to learn about common hard water issues and the negative impact they have on your home and family.

  1. Refrigerator

    Hard water will plug up your ice maker, eventually causing it to fail, and leave unsightly stains in the water dispenser area of your refrigerator.

  2. Dishwasher

    Dishes and glassware are spotty, even after a full dishwashing cycle. Unsightly streaks appear on the door and scale buildup on pipes causes inefficient operation, potential damage, and higher utility costs over time.

  3. Water Heater & Plumbing

    Hard water causes scale buildup in plumbing which lowers water pressure, clogs pipes and reduces the efficiency of your water-using appliances. More energy is required for your water heater to function which leads to higher utility costs.

  4. Bath Tub

    Rust and scale stains appear on tile and tubs which are difficult to remove and won’t rinse entirely clean.

  5. Shower

    Hard water makes your skin feel dry and itchy and hair becomes dull and flat. Soap and shampoo don’t lather as they should. Shower heads are covered in a white, crusty buildup, lose their shiny chrome finish, doors show unsightly scale streaks and water pressure is reduced over time.

  6. Toilet

    Hard water causes stubborn rust stains which are difficult, if not impossible to remove. Water refill slows over time due to scale buildup on water pipes.

  7. Sink

    Hard water causes scale streaks that won’t rinse clean, faucets are covered in a white, crusty buildup, soap doesn’t lather and water pressure is reduced over time.

  8. Laundry

    Towels feel scratchy and hard, clothes look dingy and wear out faster, and internal scale buildup causes washing machines to run inefficiently and become damaged, reducing the product lifespan. More laundry detergent is also needed for a thorough clean.