Find The Right Water Softener For Your Needs

What to consider when making a choice

Need to test your water? Request A Water Test Strip

Check your water test results

Compare your water test strip to the chart below to find your water hardness level. The number ranges are measured in grains per gallon (gpg). The harder your water is, the more softening grain capacity you need.

Test ColorGold - Extremely Soft. 0 Grains per gallon.Orange - Very Soft. 3 Grains per gallon.Dark Orange - Softer. 7 Grains per gallon.Sunset - Hard. 11 Grains per gallon.Fire Brick Red - Harder. 15 Grains per gallon.Dark Red - Very Hard. 25 Grains per gallon.Maroon - Extremely Hard. 59 Grains per gallon.
Select your hard water level indicated above.

Other things to consider

Water softener capabilities also depend on home water use, size of household and technology needs. Answer the questions below to help further determine the right choice for you and your family.

How much water does your family use?
Does your sink, bathtub or toilet bowl have yellow or reddish stains?
Do you need extra filtration for sediment?
Would you like to be able to monitor salt levels and water usage via an easy-to-use app?
Will your softener be placed in a space less than 60 inches (5 ft) tall?